Slaughterhouses Business & Fresh Products

BRF Thailand operates two slaughterhouses located in Lumlookka, Pathumthani Province and in Ongkarak, Nakorn Nayok Province of Thailand.


With concern to Food safety, primary and secondary processing productions of BRF Thailand are processed under strictly controlled by the Department of Livestock Development (DLD) and in accordance with animal welfare and Halal standards. All of BRF Thailand slaughter plants have been certified to Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP standard and accredited by BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global standard for slaughterhouse as well.

In BRF Thailand Slaughtering processes, the live birds are humanely killed, feather removed, carcasses eviscerated, deboned and cut in various size of meat. If required, products can be calibrated to meet exacting customer’s requirement.

In addition, the BRF Thailand slaughter plants have been certified by the Department of Livestock Development (DLD) as a Hygienic Chicken Manufacturer. This ensures that fresh products of BRF Thailand are hygienic and safe and for consumers.

Nowadays, more than 4,000 employees of BRF Thailand work with their great skills to produce raw meat products which partially will be cooked in our cooking factories and mainly distributed to domestic market in Thailand.