Our Business & Products

BRF Thailand  is split into 3 key areas; Agriculture, Slaughterhouse or Primary Manufacturing and Further Processing which is sometimes known as added value.

BRF Thailand integrated operations included its own chicken rearing and laying farms, broiler hatcheries, broiler growing farms, slaughter house and own added value cooked food factories allocated in and around Central and Eastern regions of Thailand.

Currently, BRF Thailand is top 5 Thailand Fully Integrated Chicken Processor with around 7,500 employees.

Financial statistic

  • In 2011, BRF Thailand has US$ 280 million turnover.
  • 2 further processing factories Total of over 4,000 MT per month Turn over USD 280 million (2011)
  • 2 Slaughter houses Processing over 1.1 million birds weekly
  • 6 Parent Stock Complexes/ 1 Hatchery/ Approximately 70 Contracted or rented Broiler Farms
  • 1 own Feedmill (operates in 2015)