BRF Thailand Backgrounds

Golden Foods Siam was acquired by BRF in January, 2016 and is now BRF Thailand.

BRF is one of the world’s largest poultry producers and no. 1 exporter, with more than 80 years of history, more than 100 thousand employees, 48 plants around the world, 14 thousand contract farmers and a portfolio of 2,300 products from frozen and processed meat to ready-to-eat meals.

Year 2001
• UK largest live stock company “Grampian Country Foods Group” took over “Golden Foods International” which was one of the Thai chicken integrator.
• New company name was “Grampian Foods Siam”.

Year 2008
• “UK Grampian” took over by Dutch meat giant “Vion group”, the world’s 3rd largest meat company.

Year 2009
• Asian based Private Equity Fund Navis Capital takes over GFS
• All GFS management remained and from then GFS became an independent Thai company. The company name was changed to Golden Foods Siam.

Year 2010
• Invested in new cooking plant (plant 5) and started to operate from April 2011, doubling existing cooking capacity. Plant 5 mainly operates for the Asian market

Year 2011
• Plant No.5, GFS newest further processing factory completed construction and started producing for export.

Year 2015
• GFS opened own feedmill in Lopburi province which full with the latest computer technology to control all machinery in production lines. This help to further strengthen traceability and self-sufficiency as a Company since we can ensure that all raw materials and finished feeds meet the required high standards for our chickens.

• In December 2015, GFS took over by Brasil Foods S.A. or BRF, one of the largest meat businesses in the world.

At present
• Golden Foods Siam or GFS is a fully integrated chicken manufacturer that oversees the entire process from the production of the eggs to the hatching of the Day Old Chick to the packing of the finished product.
• GFS fully integrated operations included own breeder farms, hatchery, a number of own broiler farms, two primary processing plants and two further processing plants and a feedmill in Lopburi province.

• GFS positions itself as a flexible, highly innovative, market focused food manufacturer.

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